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Update Notes for this Version
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Date Posted:  July 14, 2017 at 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2017.7.5

1.      Drawer Vertical Partitions will require their edgebanded sides to be re-defined.

2.      Increased Security Measures have been implemented to eliminate unwanted files created without permission by other software.

3.      There exists a new option at the General Information Category of the Cutlist Report Editor: Include Hardware Summary.  This will insert a summary of all Hardware and Accessories to the bottom of whatever report you are viewing. Hardware and Accessories will be reported in their own report whether this box is checked or not.

4.      The Percent Sign Boxes next to the offsets at the Smart CNC Rule screen have changed their meaning in that they dictate the actual coordinate rather than an offset.  Hover your mouse above one of the check boxes and read the explanation that will appear within the help box.

5.      Important Change:  For each of your Bidding Setups, you must change the following General Display Options to your liking, and then re-save each setup:  “Do not Report Finish”, “Do not Display the Logo…”, and where to “Display Room-Specific Accessories”.  All of these options may be found at the General Display Options category of the bid setup screen.

6.      Reminder: Unless you have an emergency of some sort or your question does not involve program setup or a job, all Technical Support questions must be initiated with a Technical Support Ticket via email.  If it is necessary to access your computer to resolve the problem, you will be notified via an email response to your Ticket.  If you prefer not using our Technical Support Ticket via the Email Technical Support button at the opening screen, then utilize your own email service making sure you follow the protocol displayed in our technical support ticket.  Of course, if you need an answer to continue working, this is considered an emergency so give us a call instead.

7.      Manipulating the Door Library has been enhanced to be more intuitive.














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