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Date Posted:  May 19, 2017 at 8:30 AM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2017.5.3A

1.      The CNC Smart Rules have been heavily scrutinized and in some cases substantially changed for increased accuracy in machining for face frame construction.  If you use a CNC router to machine parts defined in face frame construction, make sure you check your parts to ensure accuracy. Only the CNC Smart Rules have been adjusted for face frame setups.  No changes have occurred for frameless construction or at the CNC Cutting/Drilling Definitions library.

2.      In face frame construction, when a stile is extended to the floor and the finished end extends to the floor also and is not notched, the CNC Smart Rules will not cut a notch for that finished end.

3.      In face frame construction of multiple sectioned oven cabinets, the Smart CNC machining for adjustable shelf holes, horizontal dividers, etc. will be the same with or without a bottom included in the cabinet.  (This has always been the case for frameless construction, but not for face frame construction.)

4.      A new command button has been added to the Job Management screen titled, “Unpack a Single Job”.  This command button will allow you to unzip a Single Job that has been zipped and sent to you via email, network, or jump drive.

5.      The first value in the profile cut of code written for Biesseworks was incorrect.  It was not of any consequence and did not affect results, but it was still incorrect.  This has been resolved. 













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