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Date Posted:  September 21, 2017 at 4:00 AM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2017.9.5

1.      For those using the Grain Matching module, a new option has been added at the Grain Matching Setup screen.  If you are grain matching ONE drawer above TWO doors you may either have the CNC router leave the two doors uncut to ensure true vertical grain matching is achieved, or you may have the CNC router cut the two doors out even though the grain will be slightly offset because the original gap between the doors is smaller than the diameter of the tool used to cut them out.

2.      A new Retrieval Option has been added at the Cabinet Editor Screen:  Use Exposed Material of whatever material setup file is designated in a given job.

3.      The Rectangle Cut and the Rectangle Cleanout has been made more efficient for those using Biesseworks.

4.      Cutting square corners for doors in Biesseworks has been implemented.  Please test this routine before relying on it in a full job.

5.      A new option has been added at the Sorting and Formatting Options category of the Cutlist Report Editor where you may assign from 1 to 50 characters to display the name of a cabinet.

6.      A Cabinet Suffix is now available at the Cabinet Editor and may be used in a similar fashion as the cabinet Prefix is used.

7.      You may now save setup files containing face frame widths and overlaps at the Job and Room Information screen.















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