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Update Notes for this Version
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Date Posted:  March 15, 2018 at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2018.3.7

1.      If you have not done so already, make sure you follow the instructions for preparing your system for the new panel optimizer.  These instructions may be found by selecting View – Current Update Notes from the drop-down menu at the top of the opening screen of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.

2.      A problem existed after a part was rotated when the tool path cutting a dado was referenced to either edge of the cut.  This has been resolved.  (There were no issues when the tool path was referenced to the center of the cut.)

3.      There now exists an extremely high probability that the elusive problem that shows itself every once in a while of a cabinet on the floorplan becoming a different cabinet has been resolved.

4.      A new parameter has been added to the Panel Optimization setup screen allowing backs to be rotated if they do not fit on a panel, but not rotated during optimization.

5.      Since NVidia has just come out with a driver update that clears up distorted text on graphics, we have moved the parameter that cleans this up without the updated driver to the Graphics Settings screen.

6.      A new part has been added to Cabinet Pro: Toe Stretchers, Part #60. Click the toekick at the Parameter Editor screen to access the parameters for this part, and make sure your material is set for this part if you will be using it. Turn Toe Stretchers on or off via the “Nailers, Stretchers, Molding, and Light Valance” Category of the Cabinet Editor.  Define their direction here as well.

7.      If Toe Stretchers are defined as extending from “Left to Right” then this will consist of two boards that extend the width of 4-sided detached toekick: one in the front and one in the back.  They may either be flush with the top of the toekick or they may rest on top of the toe.

8.      If Toe Stretchers are defined as extending from “Front to Back” then they will always be flush with the top of the toe kick and will be placed next to each middle toe support as well as the left and right ends. If you build these parts differently, please inform Cabinet Pro LLC how you would prefer your toekicks to be built.

9.      For Dowel Construction, there exists a new option to apply machining even when no insets exist. This is located at the Smart CNC Options category within the General CNC Options screen.

10.    Parts may now be deleted while viewing the Panel Optimizer.  Click the part you wish to delete to display the properties of that part, and then press the “Remove this Part” button.  After the part is deleted Cabinet Pro will automatically Re-Optimize the remaining parts.

11.    New options have been added for the naming of CNC files for both nested and point-to-point machines.  Please see the CNC File Options category within the CNC General Options setup screens.

12.    Improved support for Point-to-Point CNC Machines now allows the origin and orientation of machining to be altered at the Machine Setup screen.

13.    A number of options are now available to define what screen(s) to view after CNC processing, such as viewing the internal simulator, the external simulator, files produced via the word processor, the file transfer screen, or the opening screen.  See the Preferences category at the General CNC Options setup screen.

14.    Horizontal Boring for the Weeke and Homag CNC routers is now available.


DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you are current on this year's update fee.  If you are not current on this year's update fees, please click here to transfer to the Payment screen.







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