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Update Notes for this Version
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Date Posted:  November 17, 2017 at 4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2017.11.5C

1.      The design and making of ADA Cabinets has been enhanced to allow more options.  Access the ADA and Angled Sides category at the Cabinet Editor for details.

2.      When editing a cabinet from the list on the Opening Screen and then deleting that cabinet from within the Cabinet Editor, it will no longer delete that same cabinet from the floorplan.

3.      If you want to delete a cabinet from both the list on the Opening Screen as well as on the floorplan, then delete the cabinet from the floorplan (as is already the case).

4.      When editing a panel at the Inventory screen, a new CNC override has been added: the Profile Cut Tool.  This will allow the user to assign a tool for a specific material other than that defined in the Profile Cut of the CNC Machining Library.

5.      The Backup routines for Door Pro have been reinforced and revamped.

6.      At the Export Cutlist category of the Cutlist Report Editor a new option has been added to the File Naming Options.  You may now enter a customized label in the naming of the exported file in addition to job number, room number, and/or customer name.

7.      At the General Options and Drilling Head setup of the CNC Setup Menu, a new option has been added to the Smart Rule Options category:  “No. of Adj. Shelf holes when mixed types exist in an opening”.  If you have adjustable shelf holes defined in your CNC Smart Rules, this new parameter will take precedence when other types of shelves exist in the same opening.

8.      If an adjustable shelf’s inset into the back is negative, thus making the shelf narrower, then rear shelf holes defined by CNC Smart Rules shall be further away from the rear of the cabinet by this amount.

9.      Several safeguards have been added to Inventory and Material operations to prevent potential user-errors.

10.    An error sometimes occurred when creating a door with a middle rail splitting the door in two.  Only one middle stile would sometimes be reported on the General Cutlist report.  This has been resolved in this version.

11.    The operation of the Quick Edit Menu has changed to be quicker and more streamlined.

12.    You may now change finished ends, the placement of crown molding, stile widths, reveals, etc. while remaining at the Floorplan Designer.

13.    Supporting accurate machining on Vertical Partitions with CNC Smart Rules is the current priority for Development.














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