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Update Notes for this Version
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Date Posted:  April 18, 2017 at 12:30 PM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2017.4.5

1.      Tall Cabinets were not fully displayed on the Single Cabinet Cutlist reports.  This has been resolved.

2.      Closet Rods were not showing properly in some graphics views.  This has been resolved.

3.      Some face frame rails were not in sync with blind left or right cabinets.  This has been resolved.

4.      The back left burner of range tops were sometimes left out of a drawing, thus causing a graphics corruption.  It is believed that this has been resolved.

5.      The front shelf for cabinets has been re-instated at the “Nailers, Stretches, Molding…” category of the Cabinet Editor.  In addition corbels may now be added to the same shelf via the same category.

6.      The front shelf shall be designated as “Exterior Shelf” on the cutlist and panel optimizer to differentiate it from fixed, adjustable, and pullout shelves.

7.      At the CNC Smart Rules screen, the Cabinet-specific shelf depth override set at the “Shelves…” category of the Cabinet Editor is now based upon the inside depth of the cabinet, including the setback of the cabinet back from the cabinet’s rear.

8.      The Depth Adjustment parameter, found in the general Construction Parameters, is now processed by Smart Rules in a similar manner as the Cabinet-Specific depth override mentioned above.

9.      The Constant Shelf Depth parameter, found in the general Construction Parameters, is now processed by Smart Rules in the same manner as the Cabinet-Specific depth override mentioned above.

10.    In addition to notched toekicks, single dado cuts to insert toekick substrates are now supported by CNC Smart Rules.

11.    The Cabinet Library, when viewed by the option, “View Details”, has been enhanced to accommodate large Libraries that would have previously used too much memory on some computers.

12.    New Nailer parameters have been added to accommodate the two backs on corner cabinets that can be of different lengths.

13.    At the Panel Optimization setup screen, a new parameter exists that allows the tool used for the Profile Cut to be user-defined for a given material.  (See Parameter #16)

14.    At the CNC Tool Library setup screen, the Tool Identification field is now used to link a tool to the Panel Optimizer (See the video titled, “Material Specific Panel Optimization”.

15.    For CNC users, a new Parameter has been added to the Panel Optimizer (Parameter #11) that allows the spacing between optimized parts to be a given percentage of the tool’s diameter.













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